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have a dream" speech at the lincoln memorial, and thousands today are gathering on the washington mall to celebrate that historic event. >>> we start in syria where the government is now accusing rebel forces of using chemical weapons. the claim comes as president obama meets with his national security team at the white house to talk about the reports of chemical weapons attacks by the syrian government. syrian state tv says soldiers found chemical weapons in tunnels used by rebels. cnn cannot confirm those claims or the authenticity of these images. the opposition claims government forces launched a nerve gas attack, killing hundreds of civilians. meanwhile a top u.n. official is in damascus today asking to investigate the alleged use of chemical weapons by the syrian government. president obama sat down with our chris kuomo earlier and he said the u.s. is still gathering information on the attack. >> what we've seen indicates that this is clearly a big event of grave concern. and we are already in communications with the entire international community. we're moving through the u.n. t
, that is the future we must move toward no matter where it is. tom foreman, cnn, washington. >>> hello, again, a look at our top stories now. in california, a raging wildfire is exploding in size and spreading inside the yosemite national park. it has been 50 years on the east coast since martin luther king jr. made his famous speech and thousands today are gathering on the washington mall to secelebre that historic event and marian berry joining us live later on this hour. in california, a wildfire is burning almost out of control through parts of the state. the rim fire is burning so fast, it has doubled in size in a day. the fire has also spread to the western edge of the park. nick has been following developments for us. >> reporter: fred, is sun has come up here and it's given us a fresh perspective of how devastating the fire has been. this goes back a couple hundred yards at least and it's going things like this, scorching the earth and singeing the edges. at least 126,000 acres burned and it's been very unforgiving in its pattern. you see here, fire completely jumped over this road, scorched
of the march on washington. we'll take you there live. >>> and 184,000 acres burned. plus, 4,000 firefighters equals one of the worst wildfires in california state history. we're going to have a live report. this is "cnn newsroom." u.s. officials are all but telling u.n. inspectors to get out of syria, get out of the way. it is not and if, but when the u.s. will launch an attack. the u.n. teams are carrying on. inspectors back to evidence for the alleged chemical attack. these pictures were posted online showing inspectors talking to survivors at a medical facility near damascus. u.s. warships, they are ready, but there are warnings here at home and around the world that the united states could create inextricable mess by conducting a military strike on syria. cnn is the only u.s. network broadcasting live from inside of the country, inside syria. fred pleitgen is on the ground in damascus with the very latest. fred, essentially what is it like to be there with people thinking and believing that a strike is imminent? >> well, i have to tell you, people really do seem to be nervous here. there
goose bumps. and you can't help but become emotional. the mall in washington today is packed with people from all over the country. thousands of people who made this journey on the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. the national mall is filled. you can see the reflecting pool and the monument in the background. then over my shoulder, the lincoln memorial where we have been hearing performances all day which will culminate with the president of the united states. the first african-american president giving his speech on the anniversary. i am don lemon, everyone. we're going to hear from three presidents this afternoon. former president jimmy carter will speak. as well as former president bill clinton will speak here as well. then, of course, president barack obama. plus, civil rights icon, congress n congressman john lewis, the only surviving speaker from the 1963 march on washington will deliver his remarks. first we'll hear from superstar oprah winfrey. oprah is scheduled to speak any minute now. we wait for oprah winfrey and others to take to the podium, and they will begin t
. remain locked up. let's start with our new details out of washington now. emily schmidt is more with more on this. what have what have we learned with what precipitated the embassy closers? >> we have no information. barbara starr report that is an intercepted message of senior al qaeda operatives within the last few days really caused the concern. cnn agreed to a request from an obama administration official not to go in to details about the message all because of its sensitivity. we know that this message was a critical factor leading to the shut-down and not the only factor. several u.s. officials said they have seen an increase of threats of yemen for weeks. there have been some major prison breaks in the region that was affected, leaving al qaeda members who were behind bars unaccounted for. regardless, this was an unprecedented move. we saw something we don't always see in washington -- agreement between democrats and republicans saying they think the administration did the right thing shutting down the 2 2 embassies and consulates. president obama is celebrating his birthday at cam
correspondent chris lawrence in washington and cnn's frederi frederick pleitgen. when can we expect to see the inspectors at the suspected chemical attack site? >> reporter: the u.n. is saying they'll head to the site tomorrow. they didn't tell us what time tomorrow to head out there but they said that was a time frame they have because today it was agreed to have unrestricted access to the places where the alleged chemical weapons attacks happened. the syrian government gets them free passage up to the border of what the territory it controls. after that, they have to negotiate with the rebels on the ground to be able to get in there and to have security on the ground. those negotiations are apparently are taking place as we speak right now. and very important, don, the government has also agreed to cease all hostilities as long as the weapons inspectors are on the ground doing their work. i want to give you some of what the deputy foreign minister told me today in his first interview with western media since the allegations were raised. let's listen in. >> hey, fred. apparently we don't
to mark the 50th anniversary on the march on washington that the fight for equal rights is not over. >> we cannot give up. we cannot give out. we cannot give in. >> lewis was the youngest speaker during the 1963 civil rights march and we're going to speak with him about what the movement still needs to accomplish. >>> miley cyrus causing a lot of blushing last night at the vma awards. why parents are now kind of angry. nts and alumni. people like, maria salazar, an executive director at american red cross. or garlin smith, video account director at yahoo. and for every garlin, thousands more are hired by hundreds of top companies. each expanding the influence of our proud university of phoenix network. that's right, university of phoenix. enroll now. we've got a frame waiting for you. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for her, she's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. [ claira ] after the deliveries, i was okay. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously. [ groans ]
and smoke it, too. the feds will now let states decide on pot. >> i love seattle, washington, rocks. >> colorado, washington. >> they call it wake and bake. some wake up every morning. ♪ light up. you're live in the cnn "newsroom." >>> more on the doj pot decision a little later. good morning to you, i'm carol costello. first up, syria. president obama reaches out and u.s. allies back away. this morning an international coalition to support military strikes on syria is crumbling. the most stinging rejection from washington's closest ally. take a look at the cover of "new york daily news" the british aren't coming. british lawmakers voted against taking any part of any military action. other allies like germany and france are also gun shy, still haunted by the iraq war. those concerns echo loudly in congress where more than 160 lawmakers, both republicans and democrats, are demanding at least a full debate before any strikes are launched. last night, president obama and top members of his cabinet spent 90 minutes trying to rally support among skeptical lawmakers. >> the congress, l
on the washington mall. many are gathering for that event. >>> in a small catholic church near san diego, the service is under way to remember alleged kid nam victim hannah anderson's mother and brother. this is a live picture right now inside the guardian angels catholic church in santee, california. the bodies of christina and ethan anderson were found in the burnt home of family friend james dimaggio. dimaggio is suspected of killing them before kidnapping hannah and fleeing to idaho. after hannah was spotted in idaho, the fbi shot him dead. hannah was returned to her family. how has this service brought not only a community together but perhaps those immediate family members of hannah anderson? >> reporter: well, fredricka, there are about 450, maybe 500 people inside. it's completely full. there is an overflow room that people are sitting in right now, and the proceedings have been going along as you might expect. lots of emotion. i've heard some whimpering while i was sitting inside the church. hannah is sitting in between her grandparents. they are the grandparents of tina anderso
the close their doors tomorrow. we have the latest response from washington, next. >>> a shocking and graphic statement from the man who kidnapped three women and held them captive in his cleveland home for a decade. you have to hear what he said. and the brave words from one of his victims. >>> and parents everywhere give their children the lecture. don't talk to strangers, but a child's real reaction when a stranger approaches just will shock you. >>> a global travel alert in effect right now for all americans around the world. that's after sources say there's growing intelligence say al-qaeda is planning an attack, possibly in the middle east or north africa. the u.s. is closing 22 embassies and consulates tomorrow, mostly in that region and the threat is expected to last for the next month. emily schmidt has more. >> nearly one year ago, americans say what happens when terrorists attack a u.s. diplomatic compound. in benghazi, four americans died, including the u.s. ambassador. now, the u.s. government is dealing with what could be a new round of threats. officials say they tr
in emily schmidt from washington. the state department decided to close those embassies and consulates just for sunday and now it will be extended through next weekend. what changed? >> they always said when they said it would be on sunday there was a possibility for extensions. we saw there would be indeed be extensions. it is doing so out of an abundance of caution. it is not an indication of a new threat stream. there is word from the state department about what will happen with the embassy closings. 19 will be closed through saturday august 10th. that is next saturday including new locations that were not closed today. but nine posts that were closed today will be allowed to reopen tomorrow. we are learning about what led to the shut downs. this is coming from barbara starr reporting an intercepted message that came in the past few days caused the concern. cnn agreed to a request not to go into details about the message because of the sensitivity but we know that this message was a critical factor in leading to the shutdown but not the only factor. u.s. officials have seen increased thr
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care what washington thinks? i'm brooke baldwin. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> a trainer murdered in the middle of a class. why his past may provide clues. >>> plus, coffee's wake-up call. a new study shows how the brew could be deadly. >>> and a paralympic committee tells a swimmer she can't compete because she's not disabled enough. we're on the case. >>> and here we go. good to see you. i'm brooke baldwin. want to begin with the biggest story in the world right now. egypt. and as more blood spills on to the streets of egypt, the relationship between the united states and egypt's military government is on rocky ground. tethered by a $1.3 billion aid package. and just one word has the power to pull the plug on this u.s. cash flow to egypt. that one word is "coup." if the world is used for president mohamed morsi's dismissal, that would be this automatic trigger. it would force the u.s. to cut all foreign aid. and just this morning, president obama made a decision. >> while we want to sustain our relationship with egypt, our traditi
th anniversary of martin luther king jr.'s "i have a dream" speech and the march on washington. you're looking at live pictures from the mlk memorial from the national maul where a huge celebration is getting under way starting with an interfaith prayer service at a national church and president obama will speak along with presidents jimmy carter and bill clinton. oprah winfrey and relatives of mlk will also speak. hundreds of thousands of people attended the march back in 1963. the event helped push congress to push the civil rights act and the voting rights act. we'll take you back there in just a minute. >>> if you go on the u.s. open website to check out the player baio bios, you'll see no photos or details about victoria duval. they'll have to update that link because duval is a new star. the 17-year-old shocked the sports world by beating sam stosur in the first round of the open. how improbable was this three-set victory? former open champ stosur is ranked 11th on the women's tour and duval ranked 296. andy joins me now. she has an incredible back story. >> she definitely doe
in washington. so, emily, former u.s. ambassador said today this is unprecedented. how big of a step is this to close so many embassies at once? >> we hear officials saying they are taking this ver seriously. they have said this number could expand. we've seen that happen overnight. yesterday we were talking about 21 embassies an consulates that would be impacted, now the number is up to 22. it's not just the u.s. involved. british and german embassies have said they're going to close their embassies in yemen. now the french have said they will also close their embassies. you're seeing all of this playing out because of threats people say they're taking very seriously. >> reporter: nearly one year ago americans saw what happens when terrorists attack a u.s. diplomatic compound. in benghazi, four americans died, including the u.s. ambassador. now that the u.s. government is dealing with what could be a new round of regional threats. officials say they tracked the chatter coming out of yemen for weeks, and then it changed over the past few days, more of it. enough that key members of c
lawrence in washington with new information just into cnn about evidence being collected from the alleged chemical attack. chris? >> the message from the u.s. and its allies seems to be too little, too late. both a senior obama administration official and the british foreign secretary william haig saying that even if the u.n. inspectors get on the ground there, whatever evidence they find is likely to have been corrupted. they say that site has been continuously shelled by the syrian regime over the past several days, which may make any evidence that they find not credible. why are they then so sure in assigning blame saying they are fairly certain there was a chemical weapons attack and that the regime is to blame? it's because what we now learned from a u.s. official is that there was evidence collected, including some tissue samples from that site in the hours and days following the attack. the evidence was collected by multiple international sources and was then being analyzed at a separate location. so we've seen a real change in tone. from what we are hearing from members of congres
a speech for the 50th anniversary on washington, but he's also leaving town early next week. do we expect within that window perhaps of five days that we might see the president come out and make a statement and that military action might actually move forward? >> i suspect that we will see exactly that. tomorrow he's giving the major speech on the 50th anniversary. that will preoccupy him even though he's having all these national security meetings in the white house situation room. he's on the phone with all of these world leaders. he will deliver that speech tomorrow. i wouldn't be surprised if later in the week we hear directly from the president. he tells us. he's consulted with the leadership of the house and senate. he's consulted with nato allies and regional leaders and the u.s. will go forward with some sort of limited strike. it should last probably a day or two. as pointed out, it will be awkward when he goes off to st. petersburg, russia for the 20-g summit. it will be an awkward moment unless he decide, and i have no reason he will, i'm not going to st. petersburg, i'll send
bash, thank you very much for us in washington. >>> in damascus today, here he is. syrian leader bashar al assad appearing on state-run television. and he is smiling, he's gesturing. he said his country will defend itself against any and all aggression. and in a pbs interview, president obama characterized any action he'd take as a targeted, limited shot across the bow. just a short time ago, his spokesman, josh ernest, laid out the rationale for action. >> there is an international norm against the use of chemical weapons. it is important for assad regime and other totalitarian dictators around the globe to understand that the international community will not tolerate the indiscriminate widespread use of chemical weapons. particularly against women and children as they're sleeping in their beds. >> so let's delve into this a little bit more, shall we? joining me from washington, general james "spider" marks. from new york, ed hussein, senior fellow for middle eastern studies at the council on foreign relations. welcome to both of you. general marks, i just want to begin with you. we ha
are in the "cnn newsroom" o. i'm anna corenn sitting in for don lemon. it will be an anxious night in washington. the state department won't know until it tomorrow whether a threat from al qaeda was a real plot for a phantom. in either case, the danger was real enough for nearly two dozen embassies and consulates to close up shop. and obviously this isn't the first time that washington has seen threats like this, but one high ranking lawmaker, representative peter king, says he's never quite seen one like this. >> well, the numbers are so biggie can't go into them other than the fact that it definitely is planned a very enormous attack, a catastrophic type of attack. that's probably the best way to describe it. and i can't really go any further than that. >> let's now hear more from cnn's emily schmidt in washington. >> reporter: anna, one of the most unusual aspects of the u.s. deciding to close so many embassies and consulates was that it came with a specific date attached, sunday. now that action is closely watched to see if there will be a terrorist reaction. >> out of an abundance of cautio
>>> i'm wolf blitzer in washington. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world to our special coverage this hour of the crisis in syria. president obama's about to make a major statement when it comes to syria. we expect him to be in the white house rose garden. there you see live picture frs the rose garden in about 15 minutes or so. we're told the statement will not necessarily suggest an imminent u.s. military strike, but rather an update about his decisions on how to proceed in syria. he's been meeting all morning with his top national security advisers at the white house. all this came earlier in the day, the signals were clearly there, even yesterday, officials started arriving at the white house today to go in the situation room, including the vice president, the secretary of defense, chuck hagel, the secretary of state, john kerry. the national security adviser to the president. the top military commanders as well. they've been meeting in the white house. there you see general martin dempsey. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. there's a
their doors tomorrow. we'll have responses from washington next. > >>> aaron hernandez has written a letter from jail. the letter wasn't supposed to be made public, but it has. >>> living under the sea is not just for fish anymore. the grandson of jacque cousteau has a unique new experiment. he's going to tell us all about it. >>> a global travel alert is in effect right now for all americans around the world. that's after sources say there is growing intelligence that al qaeda is planning an attack possibly in the middle east or north africa. as a precaution, the u.s. is closing 22 embassies and consulates tomorrow across the region. we're covering every angle of this story. emily schmidt is tracking the latest out of washington, nick valencia is at the world's busiest airport to see how this is impacting travelers. emily, let's get started with you. this is a serious step to close so many embassies. what's the response out of washington? >> fredricka, we are really waiting to see what happens. you think about the timeline here, 3:00 in washington. it is getting to be sunday or very close
, but also giving back to the community and, you know, sometimes i think in washington you lose sight of what exactly makes this country so great. it's not, it's not all the stuff that gets a lot of attention. it's that day-to-day courage, kindness, empathy that really makes a difference. >> on "new day" we call it the good stuff. reinforce the idea that people are going above and beyond. >> i appreciate it. >> my favorite part of the show. what is more daunting to you? the prospects of protecting the free world or dealing with a teenager and a near teen? what gives you more pause for concern? >> well, i got to tell you, and michelle gets all the credit. malia and sasha are just doing great. they are proiz oised, smart, fu. more importantly they're kind, they're respectful to everybody. i just couldn't be prouder of them. now, what i'm discovering is that each year i get more excited about spending time with them. they get a little less excited. but they love me so they want to pretend like they want to spend time with me. so they'll come in to my office and they'll pat me and say hey, daddy,
ready to march tomorrow to honor the 50th anniversary of the i have a dream speech in washington, one republican says race shouldn't even exist in america anymore. well, i'll speak live with someone who's never shy about voicing his opinion. >>> first, speaking of tomorrow's march, one of cnn's "cross fire's" hosts shares a moment from the show next month. check it out. >> well, the country's about to celebrate the 50th anniversary of dr. king's i have a dream speech. at this point it's almost impossible to imagine that it was ever controversial to want to honor dr. kicng, it certainl was to jerry falwell. >> why not a martin luther king day? >> i just feel that there are other black americans and the corporate body of black americans who are duhon nor more than one recent individual about whom there's a great question mark to this moment. >> what is the question mark? >> the question mark is that so far all the records are sealed and neither you, tom, nor i really know -- >> are you talking about his personal character, personal morality? >> yes. >> and he may be as clean as billy gr
. we go live to washington for the latest. that's next. >>> and could you see the future face of space travel? it may be. the robot blasted off. 's four course seafood feast. choose your soup, salad, entree, plus dessert all just $14.99. come into red lobster, and sea food differently. right now, go to redlobster.com for $10 off 2 select entrees. good monday through thursday. >>> welcome back. new developments on the global terror threat keeping the world on edge. cnn learned that 22 u.s. embassies and consulates in the middle east and northern africa will be closed through august 10th. concerns arising that al qaeda might be on the verge of launching a major attack. one intercepted message triggered the security concerns. right now, those embassies and consulates are on lockdown and several more will be shut starting tomorrow. the threat sparked a worldwide travel alert for americans. bring in emily schmidt in washington. emily, how's president obama tracking these developments? >> president obama spent a lot of the weekend at the camp david. it is his birthday this weekend and celebr
cain in cairo. here in egypt the terror threat may not be as grave. i doubt washington would send these two senators over to cairo. >> an excellent point. what do the people in kiep row make of this? do they think it's a big deal. you have people killed in the streets over the last couple of weeks. now the security threat against the u.s. embassy. are they kind of shrugging their shoulders at this one? >> reporter: i think some are shrugging their shoulders. much are confused like much of the world. this makes for an basa awkward puzzling information. you've had these threats coming from washington for days that a terror attack could be coming. on the other hand there's very little information coming as to what could be happening and what intelligent officials could have detected to sound these alarms. it has a lot of people saying okay there's these terror threats but what do we do now. a lot of questions remain unanswered. >> thank you. appreciate that. the obama add administration got a lot of criticism over the previous terror throat. >> benghazi was a complete failure. we dropped the b
is considered the favorite in october. john king joins me now from washington. nice to see you as always. jackson's political career is over at least for now. booker seems to be on his role. what do you think is behind the popularity? >> the mayor of someone like barack obama, senator obama, president obama who used social media to build his popularity an show people he wants to keep in touch of them. he's a mayor's mayor. he shows up at the ribbon cutting. as the african-american p candidate that helped him. he's now the overing favorite. >> he's had some criticism for his recent financial dealings. do you think that could hurt him or will he remain the overwhelming favorite in. >> we'll see the tough ads and the runs try to make a running at him. whether you're talking to people in new jersey, republicans have very low kppations if they can win that seat. >> booker is friends with new jersey governor chris christie considered a rising star in the republican party. what do you think the outlook is for crihristie. >> one of the thoughts a few months back is would he challenge the re-elec
by mistake. this is "the washington post." stunning report in the paper this morning. the nsa, they say, broke privacy rums. quoting them thousands of times every year since 2008. some blunders were accidental. apparently the nsa once intercepted a bunch of phone calms from washington, d.c., instead of egypt. they give this one example. they say a programming error confused the dc area code 202 for 20. international dialing code for egypt. one example the post cites. another, other nsa flubs were intentional like scooping up e-mail data from 3,000 americans that apparently happened back in 2011. mistakes were listed in an nsa internal audit that only covers the washington, d.c., area. and in top secret documents from nsa leaker edward snowden himself. these new revelations today may contradict president obama's recent assurances, remember he talked last friday, about nsa surveillance programs. >> a general impression has, i think, taken hold not only among the american public but also around the world that somehow we're out there willy-nilly just sucking in information on everybody. and
the military removed the democratically elected president. the washington most reports the white house may consider whether to stop next month's scheduled delivery of apache helicopters. senator john mccain just returned from egypt. he was on state of the union with candy crowley. is halting the shipment a viable answer? >> it ra's not an answer, a via thing to do. they could do it. whether they will do it, everybody says no. but indicating symbolically, the u.s. really does need to do mor more. >> with apache helicopters flying overhead, nothing is more symbolic of the united states of america siding with the generals. we could be cutting off the aid, the spare parts and maintenance of these military equipment we've given the egyptian is important to their capabilities. >> the drumbeat gets louder over suspending the entire $1.5 billion in aid. does the white house need to change its tune? >> if definition of "need" is therefore things will change in egypt, no, because again, nobody thinks things will change in egypt. certainly, the president left that door open to suspending aid at the v
. we're used to hearing president obama and other politicians in washington say they've got this great idea, the only problem is it will have to get through congress. of course that's impossible because nobody can agree on anything. the government can actually start doing these ratings that obama's talking about without congressional approval. this is something the department of education is planning to roll out on its own. it doesn't require any change in the law. and the education department is already collecting a lot of the information that will enable it to do these ratings. so that is actually going to be a new source of information for consumers which can only help people who are trying to figure out where they should go to college and where they will get the best return on what is really a humongous investment of money. >> let's talk about the money. there are some critics, obviously, of the government subsidizing loans. and the federal government actually profits from lending college students money. so feds have some skin in the game here. can the federal government really be
states, california, oregon, washington, nevada and idaho issued amber alerts for those missing children. >>> more prosecution witnesses testify today in the court-martial of the ft. hood gunman. this is day three of the trial. about 30 prosecution witnesses have taken the stand in the past two days. many of them are survivors of the shooting. testimony is moving quickly in part because hasan is not cross examining the witnesses. he's acting as his own attorney. hasan is charged with killing 13 people and wounding 32 others in the 2009 shooting rampage. he declared i am the shooter. >>> a new terror threat causes the u.s. to now pull most of its diplomats out of the consulate in pakistan. it's not clear if this is connected to the broader threat that prompted closing 19 embassies an consulates. they order all but a handful of personnel to leave. officials say it was in response to specific threats against the consulate. the state department is warning u.s. citizens not to travel to pakistan. pakistan interior ministry said it was not aware of any threat. pakistan remains a hot bed of ter
a round of golf with comedian larry david. the president returns to washington tonight. >>> tomorrow, south african olympic printer oscar pistorius will be indicted. he's charged with murdering his girlfriend who would have turned 30 on monday. as cnn's robyn curnow reports, both sides are bracing for a long trial in a case that captured the attention of the world. >> hi, i'm reva. >> reporter: she was one of south africa's top models and on monday she would have turned 30. >> here it comes. >> reporter: august 19th, instead marked by a return of court for her boyfriend oscar pistorius. the second appearance since being granted bail in february. the olympic star is charged with the premeditated murder. he said it was a tragic mistake. he heard noises and thought she was an intruder. the state says it was intentional. and after a two-month delay, the prosecution says the investigation is finished and their indictment is ready. so now on monday we start to get an indication of which of those initial allegations they have now managed or feel that they have managed to back up with eviden
? that character had nothing on steven strasburg. he was ejected after three straight wild pitches. washington manager davey johnson hinted payback is coming after nationals outfielder harper was hit by a braves pitcher three times in four games. johnson was also ejected. >>> and the tragic sports story to pass along for you now. atlanta area high school football player died after breaking his neck in a preseason game. the 16-year-old corner back went limp immediately after making a tackle and unresponsive on the field. he had already been offered to a scholarship to the university of kentucky and was being heavily recruited by other schools. >>> well, his attorney says oscar pistons ririus will go to trial. we have more on what that hearing may reveal. >> hi, i'm reva. >> reporter: she was one of south africa's top models and on monday steenkamp would have turned 30. august 19th, instead marked by return to court for her boyfriend oscar pistorius. the second appearance since february. the olympic star is charged with the murder of steenkamp, shot and killed by pistorius inside the bathroom of
washington and congress and a controversial nsa spying program. that's just ahead. i'm suzanne malveaux. as a small oklahoma town comes to grips with this senseless tragedy, one man is offering a possibly motive. it's hard to believe. this is in the shooting death of the australian baseball player. he was gunned down as he was jogging in the town of duncan. three teens have been charged. one suspect said they were bored. now an oklahoma man says that the killing was part of a gang initiatuation. he said his on son was on the list of targets. what is he saying? >> that man is james johnson. he told fairfax media he didn't think christopher lane's killing was random. he believe it was part of a gang initiatuation. it was johnson's call to police that ended with the arrest of 15-year-old james edward johnson and michael jones. johnson said the three teens threatened his on son because he refused to join a gang. police have not confirmed that the killing was gang related and cnn has tried to reach johnson repeatedly without success. we're also hearing today from man who says he tried to hel
, but in washington, secretary of state john kerry says there is little doubt it is the assad reseem that gassed its own people. >> as a father, i can't get the image out of my head of a man who held up this dead child, wailing while chaos swirled around him. the images of entire families dead in their beds without a drop of blood or even a visible wound. bodies contorting in spasms, human suffering that we can never ignore or forget. >> syria's president is warning washington about military action, though bashar al-assad told a russian newspaper, quote, failure awaits the united states, as in all previous wars it has unleashed. end quote. war weary americans also oppose military intervention. this poll taken last week as first reports emerged of chemical attacks, fewer than 1 in 10 americans support military action. to give you perspective, consider this. according to real clear politics shows congress getting a 15% approval rating. that's nearly double the support for intervention in syria. cnn's chris lawrence is at the pentagon. it's a tough one, chris. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, carol, bu
're covering every angle of this story from here in washington, indeed, around the region and the world. jill dougherty is here. if you thought the u.s. was going to strike in the coming hours this weekend, indeed, in the fex fnext few days, not so . it's going to be at least september 9, a week from monday, when congress ends its break and gets back into session. >> we're getting the first reaction now. this is coming from the syrian national coalition spokesperson speaking from doha in qatar saying they were taken by surprise by president obama's decision, that there is great disappointment, and they fear, although they say yes, maybe it should, we'll wait and see how it goes in congress, but they're saying our fear now is that this lack of action could em bobolde the regime and they repeat the attacks in a more serious way, so we are quite concerned. you would have to say that's definitely an expected statement, because they really wanted some type of action immediately, very strong action, and already we're kind of critical of the president's limited objectives and limited strike that he
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